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Complete Hair Balm


Product Description

BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Finishing Balm

BeverlyD Hair Finishing Balm is made of Pure plant extracts and beeswax. These ingredients offer support, separation and shine. Use sparingly on dry hair to add finish, to refresh, or to define the glossy swinging edges of a fresh cut.

Texture and Sheen

Sesame oil protects hair and provides shine while Beeswax holds style.


Humidity Resistant

Formula designed to resist humidity, remove static, and smooth flyaway tresses.


Rejuvenating Qualities

Jojoba Gold and Sesame oil protects hair, gives texture and adds shine.


How to use Organic Finishing Balm

Use to separate strands to define style or smooth flyaway hair. With a small amount, apply directly to hair where styling or definition is desired. BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Finishing Balm Complete adds volume and depth to fine or normal hair; it also provides shine, separation and protection from humidity on curly, frizzy and straight coarse hair. The jojoba complex provides a light application for fine hair and can be used abundantly on other hair types without weighing hair down. Use as needed on dry hair after styling. The alluring Lavender aroma greatly enhances appeal to both men and women.

Order the Organic Finishing Balm today to achieve paramount texture and shine.


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