BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care products were created with the health of the hair and body foremost in mind. Based on years of careful research, BeverlyD recipes are uniquely advanced and innovative formulations for hair and body health.

Using only natural ingredients, BeverlyD products will restore health to the hair and follicles, creating the best scalp environment to encourage new growth and healthy hair.

Healthy hair resists the effects of humidity and contains natural moisture in the strand. When the scalp is properly cared for, it does not flake, produce excessive oil, or itch.

BeverlyD, an industry professional for 30 years, confronted many of the problems created by synthetic products. She decided to use her expertise to create a formula that would bring hair back to its natural brilliance while creating healthy follicles that would encourage new growth.

This is beauty from the inside out, which incorporates plant and food ingredients that nourish and balance the hair strand and scalp.

BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care products contain no artificial or synthetic ingredients or alcohol, and are completely paraben and sulfate free.

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BeverlyD believes that beauty comes from the inside. It begins with a whole body,whole spirit that come from treating that body like a temple. Whole fresh organic foods and plants are the medicine for this wholeness and leads us to a whole spirit. She says this because this is what happened to her.

BeverlyD healed her herself and elevated her awareness and being with this physical aspect in mind and with the use of Appreciation, Generosity and Playfulness, to name a few of the attributes associated with her products.

What qualifies BeverlyD as an expert in elevated conscious living and creatinginfinite vitality stems from her early farm beginnings, whe re as a teen she experimented with foods for bathing rituals, facials and hair treatments. After her graduation as a cosmetologist, she embarked on a management career with major beauty companies such as Seligman & Latz, Consolidated Beauty Services, and Glemby, International pioneering the walk-in precision haircut shops in department stores and shopping centers.

Her next endeavor came out of an extraordinary belief in natural hair care just as Aveda began their launch in 1979. BeverlyD was in immediate partnership with the concept and vision of Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda, to initiate the first Aveda Concept Salon in the south. Traveling and training with Horst in the very early days of Aveda was the training ground she needed to prepare the ground for her own line of hair care products. With her father’s entrepreneurial training, a background in farming, growing foods and flowers, and with roots in French tradition from her grandmother and joyfulness learned from her mother, BeverlyD was dedicated to studying and practicing cleansing, healing, business development, and personal spiritual development to stage her product line in 2004.

The formulas she created in collaboration with plant and food chemists produced results that her clients agreed ‘made their hair young again.’ In the same year Beverly healed her own body and cured all ailments with the implementation of the the living foods program, eating only live enzyme rich foods.

BeverlyD’s expertise in hair health, design, color, and energetic well being creates infinite looks for those who require minimal upkeep and maintenance. BeverlyD believes that everyone has a dream about what they want and she can achieve that for them through the use of simple basic principles coupled with food and plant ingredients that nurture and allow the hair to be what it was meant to be. BeverlyD’s clientele is far reaching and her fans come from around the world and include actresses, socialites, business leaders, royalty, and musicians. One of her most prominent clients is Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, for which BeverlyD is a contributor.

BeverlyD has released her first book HAIR NOW – Seven Devotions for Hair Enlivenment in which she proves hair is alive! BeverlyD enjoys touring, speaking and sharing with audiences. She presents these new concepts in hair health and healing through an event called the BeverlyD Hair Party. BeverlyD is highly regarded as a true hair healer!